I have just opened my own lab at the University of Pennsylvania. 
Please visit www.shalem-lab.org for more information.


Since January 2013 I’ve been working as a postdoctoral research associate in the lab of Prof. Feng Zhang, located at the Broad institute of MIT and Harvard. I am supported by a fellowship funded by the Klarman Family Foundation.ophir1_bw

I completed my PhD training at the Weizmann Institute of Science working under the supervision of Prof. Tzachi Pilpel and Prof. Eran Segal. My background is in both experimental and computational biology. During my PhD I studied gene expression regulation and contributed to the understanding of how different regulatory layers are coordinated to produce concise expression patterns. As a postdoc with Feng Zhang we pioneered the use of Cas9:sgRNA pooled libraries for genome-wide knockout screening in human cells. (Shalem O*, Sanjana NE* et al. Science 2014, Sanjana NE*, Shalem O* et al. Nat Methods, Shalem et al. Nat. Rev. Gen.)

In addition to my work as part of the Zhang lab I am currently a visiting scholar in the lab of Prof. Andrew Dillin at UC Berkeley. My research interests lay in the intersection of neurodegeneration, adaptive stress signaling and Aging. I combine technology development of genome scale perturbation screens with applications for mapping protein homeostasis networks in human and mouse models of disease.

contact: ophir.shalem [et] gmail.com